Every volume of Doctor Who: The Complete History, the authoritative text on the making of the show, is now available digitally

Originally released between 2015 and 2019, the Doctor Who: The Complete History partwork created the ultimate behind the scenes guide to the making of the show. But that series of hardback volumes was only available in the UK and Ireland. For the past several months, however, a new digital release has been making this cornerstone of any fan’s library available internationally for the first time. The final ten volumes, covering the Twelfth Doctor’s era from Under the Lake to Twice Upon a Time, plus an exhaustive Appendix, are out now, bringing the digital re-release to a close. Along the way discover what changes where made during the scripting process; learn how the roles were cast and who almost played them; read what the critics of the day had to say about the episodes; and uncover all the behind the scenes drama of the greatest show in the galaxy.

The series builds on the exhaustive research of Andrew Pixley for Doctor Who Magazine’s Archive feature, adding new insights, details, rare and newly discovered photographs, as well as gorgeous new illustrated front pieces for every story by Lee Johnson.

Each volume of The Complete History examines stories from the perspective of:

  • Story synopsis
  • Pre-production
  • Production
  • Post-Production
  • Publicity
  • Broadcast
  • Merchandise
  • Cast & Crew

For each story, there’s also a Profile of a significant figure from the development of Doctor Who, looking at their impact on the show and their wider career. There are also overviews looking at each season.

You can order Doctor Who: The Complete History from Pocketmags now. Readers in America or the EU can also transfer to their local Pocketmags site to order there. You can build your collection either one volume at a time, or at a discount in batches of twenty.


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