Collection Season 8

Doctor Who - Series 8 - The Collection Third Doctor Jon Pertwee Jo Grant UNIT Master Autons Daemons Dæmons Mind of Evil Claws of Axos Terror of the Autons Colony in Space Blu-ray (c) BBC Studios Lee Binding

Doctor Who – Series 8 – The Collection. A The Third Doctor (50s, grey hair, twinkly expression) in a wine coloured velvet jacket with a purple lined black cloak. His shirt is open necked and ruffled, while in his hand he hold a demateralization circuit (a complicated three side gadget of panels and wires about the size of an apple). His other hand is on his hip. A montage below him shows the Master (early 50s, dark hair, goatee bears and nehru suit, sneering), Azal (like Pan or the Devil, furry from the waist down, bare chested, with huge horns emerging from his furrowed, beast like upper face), an Elder of the lost city, huge head with apparently visible brain ridges, but a tiny, rumpled face, in robes with a high collar), a gross, shambling monster covered in tentacles big and small, like a lumbering spaghetti monster, and an Axon (dressed in a yellow jacket and white shirt and trousers, with a straw boater hat on top of its comically huge cartoonish head, one hand extended with the fingers dropped down to reveal the gun within. (c) BBC Studios