Doctor Who: The Collection – Season 2 is coming soon to Blu-ray

BBC Studios have announced Doctor Who Season 2 as the next to be added to The Collection. The season, which originally aired in 1964 and 1965 which will be released later
this year on Blu-ray. The nine disc set will be the biggest release in the Collection yet and features a limited edition nine-disc box. It also sees William Hartnell’s First Doctor join the Collection range for the first time.

Across a jam-packed season of thirty-seven episodes, the Doctor is joined by faithful companions Susan (Carole Ann Ford), Ian (William Russell), Barbara (Jacqueline Hill), Vicki (Maureen O’Brien) and Steven (Peter Purves). Together they face off against the dreaded Daleks, the marauding Mechonoids, the ant-like Zarbi and the meddling Monk, while visiting fantastic alien worlds and turbulent times in the Earth’s history. It’s a season full of notable firsts, like the first companion departure, the Doctor’s first adventure on contemporary Earth, and the first appearance by another TARDIS and another member of the Doctor and Susan’s mysterious race…

The missing two episodes of The Crusade have been reconstructed using off-air photographs
and the original broadcast soundtrack, while remaining episodes have been newly
remastered from the best available sources – these classic adventures have never looked or
sounded so good on home media.

Doctor Who: The Collection Season 2 features a host of extras across nine discs (c) BBC Studios William Hartnell Lee Binding
Doctor Who: The Collection Season 2 features a host of extras across nine discs. Art by Lee Binding (c) BBC Studios

Doctor Who – The Collection: Season 2 includes the following stories:

Planet of Giants

The Doctor has finally returned Ian and Barbara to 1960s Earth, but not in the way they expected.

The Dalek Invasion of Earth

A landing on the banks of the Thames seems hopeful at first, but this is a London changed for the worse. It lies in ruins, saucers haunt the skies, and sinister aliens patrol the streets… the Daleks!

The Rescue

The Doctor returns to the planet Dido but finds a crashed Earth colony ship with only two survivors and the peaceful indigenous people completely missing.

The Romans

It’s 64ad and the friends enjoy a well deserved holiday in a Roman villa. But the Doctor and Vicki’s quest to meet the Emperor Nero soon plunges them into danger, while Ian and Barbara have problems of their own.

The Web Planet

The planet Vortis has fallen under a malign influence, with the giant ant-like Zarbi in revolt. But what does the sinister Animus really want? And can the Doctor free the TARDIS from its grip?

The Crusade

When the TARDIS arrives near Jaffa in the 12th century, Barbara is mistaken for Princess Joanna and kidnapped by the forces of Saladin. The newly knighted Sir Ian must try to win her freedom, while the Doctor and Vicki find themselves unwillingly pulled into the intrigues o King Richard I’s court.

The Space Museum

The TARDIS skips a track in time giving the travellers a glimpse of their own futures – their dead bodies displayed as exhibits in an alien museum! But is the future set, or can they find a way to change their destinies?

The Chase

The Daleks have succeeding in building their own time machine and begin a ruthless hunt for the TARDIS across time and space. How can the Doctor possibly evade them when they can go anywhere or anywhen he can?

The Time Meddler

The Doctor, Vicki and Steven apparently find themselves in 1066 in the days before the Battle of Hastings. But why do they keep finding 20th century anachronisms like wrist watches, record players and toasters?


Doctor Who: The Collection Season 2. Art by Lee Binding (c) BBC Studios William Hartnell
Doctor Who: The Collection Season 2. Art by Lee Binding (c) BBC Studios

The Collection: Season 2 Blu-ray box set also includes extensive special features

  • Flight Through Eternity – an overview of Season 2
  • Looking for David – a deep dive into the life and career of Doctor Who’s first story editor, David Whitaker
  • Doctor Who and the Collectors – the world of 1960s collectables
  • In Conversation with William Russell – Matthew Sweet interviews the Ian Chesterton actor
  • In Conversation with Maureen O’Brien – Matthew Sweet interviews the Vicki actor
  • Behind the Sofa – Six new episodes as companions Maureen O’Brien, Peter Purves, Carole Ann Ford, Janet Fielding (Tegan), Wendy Padbury (Zoe), Sarah Sutton (Nyssa),
    Bonnie Langford (Melanie) and Sophie Aldred (Ace) react to Doctor Who Season 2!
  • The Lion Audio Commentary – Learn about the recovery of The Lion, a missing episode that was returned in 1999, with three of the heroes responsible for its return
  • Convention footage – A rare chance to hear from actors Jacqueline Hill and Adrienne Hill (Katarina) alongside Michael Craze (Ben) and Carole Ann Ford
  • The Dalek Invasion of Earth Enhanced Soundtrack – Watch The Dalek Invasion of Earth with an optional enhanced soundtrack.
  • Photo Galleries – Now in HD and including many previously unseen images.
  • Info Text – updated behind-the-scenes information and trivia on every episode as optional on-screen text as the episodes play
  • PDF Archive – Including scripts, exclusive unseen BBC production files and other rarities
  • And those are just the new extras! This nine-disc box set also includes hours of special features previously released on DVD including Documentaries, Featurettes, Audio Commentaries, Overseas Soundtracks and more.



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