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Doctor Who Target Books for the New Season!

Target Books of Space Babies, 73 Yards, and Rogue are due out later this year.

The Doctor’s newest adventures are now available to pre-order in Target Books form!

Last year Doctor Who showrunner Russell T Davies promised that there some, but not all, of this year’s episodes would be novelised. Now listings have appeared on book sites like Rarewaves for the three Target Books we can expect later this year. Between them they represent the usual mix of fun, scares, and high drama. Meanwhile, the list of authors includes names both expected and unexpected.


This year’s Doctor Who Target Books are:

Space Babies by Alison Rumfitt

Ruby learns the Doctor’s amazing secrets when he takes her to the far future. Trouble is brewing in orbit of the colony world Pacifico del Rio. There, the Doctor and Ruby find a baby farm run by babies. But can the space babies be saved from the terrifying Bogeyman?

73 Yards by Scott Handcock

The TARDIS lands on the clifftops of west Wales. But in the village pub, Y Pren Marw, the villagers live in fear of a scroll bearing the legend “Rest in peace, Mad Jack.” They warn the Spiteful One moves through the gaps in the world. And something is coming.

Rogue by Kate Herron and Briony Redman

It’s 1813, and there’s a grand ball at the Duchess of Pemberton’s country manor. Dancing, dalliances, and deadly danger, as desiccated corpses show up at the move inconvenient times. But then the Doctor spots the mysterious stranger known as Rogue, and the dance gets more complicated than ever.


The Doctor (NCUTI GATWA) takes Ruby Sunday (MILLIE GIBSON) on her first journey into space in Space Babies,BBC STUDIOS AND BAD WOLF,James Pardon Doctor Who
The Doctor (NCUTI GATWA) takes Ruby Sunday (MILLIE GIBSON) on her first journey into space in Space Babies,BBC STUDIOS AND BAD WOLF,James Pardon

Meet the next generation of Target Books authors

Space Babies is Alison Rumfitt’s first Doctor Who work, but she has two previous horror novels of her own: Tell Me I’m Worthless and Brainwyrms. The author specialises in explicit body horror and nerve jangling tension, part MR James and part David Cronenberg . She’s sure to add a new flavour to Russell T Davies’ original script about Bogeymen and baby farms.

Doctor Who’s script editor Scott Handcock takes on 73 Yards. Although best known as a writer, director and producer of full cast audio dramas for Big Finish, Handcock is also the author of Whoniverse audiobooks like The Rising Night, Snake Bite, and The Shadow People. This will be his first Target Books novelisation. Having worked extensively on Big Finish’s Torchwood range, which has frequently crossed over into Welsh folk horror, Hancock’s a logical choice to adapt Davies’ story of magic and fear on the Welsh coast.

Finally, in the finest tradition of the Target Books range, Rogue is being adapted by the original scriptwriters themselves, Kate Herron and Briony Redman. So there’s no one better to write the novelisation of Rogue’s tale of Bridgerton, bounty hunters, and bird-faced aliens. Herron is best known as a director and executive producer on shows like Loki, The Last of Us, and, directing Doctor Who’s Ncuti Gatwa, Sex Education. She has a long-standing writing partnership with Redman, including the upcoming movie The Sims. Rogue will be their first prose novel.


You can pre-order the three new Target Books now, ahead of their release in August

The three Target Books are arriving on the 8th of August, just weeks after the season finale. You can pre-order them now from all good retailers, though most still list them under the more obscure titles “DWN1 by AR,” “DWN2 by BRKH,” and “DWN3 by SH.”

There’s no confirmation yet if we can expect further Target Books to be added to the schedule this year. We do know that Space Babies, 73 Yards, and Rogue are just part of a packed scheduling of already announced original Fifteenth Doctor novels, other new Doctor Who books, and audio novels.

But whether they’re of more of this year’s episodes, or feature earlier Doctors, if there’s more Target Books news Blogtor Who will be sure to let you know!


The Doctor (Ncuti Gatwa) and Ruby Sunday (Millie Gibson) in the TARDIS ,BBC Studios 2023,James Pardon

Doctor Who returns tomorrow night at midnight BST with a double bill of Space Babies and The Devil’s Chord on iPlayer in the UK, RTÉ Player in Ireland, and on Disney+ everywhere else



  1. I’m not buying the novelisations but I love speculating as to what others might be done. Mark Gatiss has a rich seam of stories from 9-12 he could dip into while Neil Gaiman, Frank Cottrell-Boyce and and Malorie Blackman are no strangers to writing novels at a length a teen could manage. Meanwhile, Phil Ford and Pete McTighe could manage another one each with Into the Dalek and Praxeus respectively.


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