Doctor Who: The TARDIS Edition is a boxed set of eleven CDs collecting Original Soundtrack music from 50 years of Doctor Who and housing them in a specially constructed TARDIS, which is mainly painted wood, with a flashing light on top and makes the materialization noise when the door is opened.

Composer and BBC Radiophonic Workshop Archivist Mark Ayres has spent over a year researching, compiling, editing and mastering the set with the principle work being done on the first seven discs which will showcase much material being released for the first time.

The eleven discs will be packed in DVD-style digipacks and then inserted in individual slipcases. There will be a 52 page booklet with a history of Doctor Who music, details of the sources of the audio masters, notes from fourteen of the composers who worked on the programme and detailed track listings for each disc. Read the specially written notes HERE. There will also be a numbered certificate in each box.

This unique collection is ONLY available from the Silva Screen website – visit HERE. The pre-order will be live from 10am (UK time) on April 25 and will end at 10am on May 2. These are available worldwide. The TARDIS Editions will then be manufactured to order.

Check out the FULL tracklisting HERE and read the composers notes and see the individual CD artwork HERE.

Thanks to Silva Screen


  1. I said it at Gallifrey Base and I haven't changed my mind…that's a godawful looking TARDIS for the price Silva Screen's charging. (Especially given the original adverts announcing the box back in 2013.)

    What a shame…


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