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Doctor Who: Tales of the TARDIS – with the Fifteenth Doctor and Ruby!

The Doctor and Ruby enter the Remembered TARDIS for Tales of the TARDIS Doctor Who. The two stand in the Remembered TARDIS (a mismatch of panels from different eras) while Ruby looking curious and the Doctor annoyed
The Doctor and Ruby enter the Remembered TARDIS for Tales of the TARDIS

A new Tales of the TARDIS is coming and this time it’s the current Doctor and companion who find themselves aboard the mysterious Remembered TARDIS


When the schedules for the next two weeks appeared, they contained a bit of a surprise for Doctor Who fans. There’s a new episode of Tales of the TARDIS on the way. Not only that, but this time it’s actually on television rather than just iPlayer. It’s an understandable move, perhaps, given that this one features Ncuti Gatwa and Millie Gibson as the Doctor and Ruby Sunday!

The new episode airs on BBC Four on Thursday the 20th of June at 8pm, 28 hours before Empire of Death drops around the world. The official synopsis suggests it takes place between the two part of the season finale.


Doctor Who: Tales of the TARDIS

Far away in time, on board an old Remembered TARDIS, the Doctor and Ruby pause in battle to reflect on their recent adventures.


That also hints at the cliffhanger between the two episodes. The original trailer for the season contained an image of the Doctor screaming into the void from the door of the TARDIS, the distinct Tales version of the console room behind him. Could it be that first part The Legend of Ruby Sunday climaxes with our heroes exiled into the strange between-space where the Remembered TARDIS exists?

However, before everyone gets too excited about a whole secret extra episode of Doctor Who, we should consider the format of Tales of the TARDIS. So far, each one has essentially been a minisode wrapped around a classic story. Some combination of Doctors and companions find themselves aboard the Remembered TARDIS, with its hybrid controls from a dozen different TARDIS designs. Within its walls they’re inspired to re-share old adventures, which we then get to see onscreen. It’s a touching way to reconnect with old characters, while also introducing newer fans to stories they might not have seen before.

Between that format and the synopsis, it seems likely then that this new Tales of the TARDIS will probably only contain 15-20 minutes of new footage. The rest will likely involve clips of previous episodes, possibly as the Doctor and Ruby follow the trail of clues to discover the true nature of their enemy and how to escape.

All the same, more of the Doctor and Ruby is always a good thing. Furthermore, exactly how things about the Remembered TARDIS play out may well only build our anticipation for the following night’s Empire of Death.





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