London Film and Comic Con plays host to Doctor Who stars old and new this July

Susan Twist has been throughout time and space in this year’s season of Doctor Who. Just last weekend we finally learned the dark secret at the heart of all those cameos. But her next visitation will be to the Olympia in London this July for London Film and Comic Con. Twist’s first major convention appearance has just been announced and she’s just one of the many stars from the show attending the convention taking place on the 5th to 7th of July.

Other stars from this season include Lenny Rush, currently appearing as UNIT’s scientific advisor Morris in The Legend of Ruby Sunday/Empire of Death, the legendary Dame Siân Phillips, who appeared in 73 Yards, and Josie Sedgwick-Davis who played Cilla Black in The Devil’s Chord. Plus, of course, there’s a host of others who’ve appeared in the show over the years.

(Warning visitors attend at their own risk of receiving the One Who Wait’s Gift of Death to All Humanity. Also of witnessing The Dance in person).


Among the Doctor Who related guests are:

  • Colin Baker (The Sixth Doctor)
  • Sylvester McCoy (The Seventh Doctor)
  • Sophie Aldred (Ace)
  • Maureen O’Brien (Vicki)
  • Peter Purves (Steven)
  • Susan Twist (Susan Triad)
  • Julian Glover (Count Scarlioni, City of Death)
  • Jessica Martin (Mags, The Greatest Show in the Galaxy)
  • Lenny Rush (Morris, The Legend of Ruby Sunday/Empire of Death)
  • Nisha Nayar (Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways)
  • Sheila Reid (Etta, Vengeance on Varos and Clara’s Gran, The Time of the Doctor)
  • Dame Siân Phillips (73 Yards)
  • Josie Sedgwick-Davis (The Devil’s Chord)
  • Paul Cornell (writer, Father’s Day, Human Nature/Family of Blood, and countless novels)


London Film and Comic Con is also one of the best places to meet comic book artists. Just some of those with Doctor Who credits include:

  • Mike Collins (storyboard, merchandise, and comic book artist)
  • Emma Vieceli (artist, The Eighth Doctor)
  • Andy Lanning (artist, DWM)
  • Tony Lee (writer, The Tenth Doctor, The Eleventh Doctor)
  • Sonia Leong (artist,  The Women Who Lived)


They join a typically full line up of guests for this year’s event. Others guests come from across the multiverse, with Marvel, Star Wars, Buffy, and more all well represented. You can find full details and well as buy tickets on the official LFCC site.



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