Doctor Who Spyfall Part 2 is completed.  It has a different pace and tone to Part 1.  More of the Doctor finding her way through a maze rather than a race down the highway.  Twitter sphere does seem to be more mixed on this episode and there does appear to be less than New Year’s Day.  Still it is a mainly positive reaction

Doctor Who - Spyfall Part 2 - S12E02 - O (SACHA DHAWAN) - (C) BBC - Photographer: James Pardon
The Master returns to Doctor Who in Spyfall in the form of Sacha Dhawan – (C) BBC – Photographer: James Pardon


Simon Guerrier, Doctor Who author, enjoyed the humour and the adventure.  Harri Cole and Matthew Purchase were similarly pleased with the show.


The Universe of Who was more unsure.

Richard Swain had a similar doubts.

Graham was popular with shoes and dancing.

Dominic captured the point that the history of the Whovian verse is back.

And finally The Women of Who loved the banter between the Master and Thirteen.



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