Tonight’s episode is over.  And it was a blockbuster with Doctor, The Doctor rivaling another famous British character.  A lot of twists and turns and surprises with a cliff hanger to conclude it off.

But first off a warning for overseas fans.

The cast looked stunning in their tuxs. And we have Paddy Freeland to complement Mr. Ray Holman for their stylish look.


The Sisterhood of Karn captured the mood.  Just how good was that episode!!

And we love Helen Goldwyn’s and Roland Moore’s simple summary.

From one of Doctor Who Other great sites.

And from one famous TARDIS traveller.

We agree with you Alice.

Well one small tiny spoiler

It is great to see excited fans.

And Nicholas sums it up.

So the excitment continues on Sunday night as Spyfall concludes on BBC One and BBC America.

Don’t miss it.



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