Doctor Who: Serpent Crest Audio Series Debuts on BBC Radio 4 Extra Next Week

Beginning Monday, February 6th, Radio Four Extra will be broadcasting the Doctor Who BBC audio book series Serpent Crest, in 10 parts. Written by Paul Magrs it stars Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor, Richard Franklin as Captain Mike Yates and Susan Jameson as Mrs Wibbsey.

The Collection of 5 stories, which are one hour a piece, are the continuing adventures of Mrs Wibbsey, with the Fourth Doctor. She first appeared in the series Hornet’s Nest and followed by Demon Quest.

Tsar Wars

The Doctor and Mrs Wibbsey are transported from Earth to a distant world in the future where humans are slaves to robots. The Doctor is suspected of treason by the Tsar and Tsarina once the humans begin to put their revolt into action.

The Broken Crown

Upon returning home to Nest Cottage, The Doctor and Mrs Wibbsey discover that they have landed in the right place but the wrong time, it’s 1861. The Doctor learns a secret that the boy with paper faces has been hiding and it’s up to him and Mrs Wibbsey to help.

Aladdin Time

The Doctor and Mrs Wibbsey encounter a boy named Aladdin who is looking for a fabled lamp. Trapped underground they work together all the while attempting to get back to present day Hexford.

The Hexford Invasion

Safely back in Hexford, life has gone back to normal for Mrs Wibbsey since The Doctor left many months ago. Until, one day, Mike Yates and UNIT show up with someone claiming to be the Second Doctor.

Survivors in Space

The town of Hexford has survived a major catastrophe and has been lead for the last three months, by Mike Yates. He’s losing hope, will the Doctor be able to find them?

Other members of the cast include David Troughton, Guy Harvey, Simon Shepherd, Sophie Ward, Joanna Tope, Michael Jayston, Suzy Aitchison, Sam Hoare, Paul, Chequer, Gabriel Vick, Guy Harvey, Andrew Sachs. The series was produced and directed by Kate Thomas

The series runs nightly at 6 pm on BBC Radio 4 Extra. Those outside the UK can listen on BBC iPlayer Radio.

Serpent Crest was originally released in monthly instalments in 2011 by BBC Audiobooks.

Many thanks to Michael Herbert for the heads up.


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