The Zygon Inversion (C) BBC
Included below are 10 spoiler-free quotes from this week’s episode of Doctor Who, The Zygon Inversion. The story airs this Saturday on BBC One at 8pm – check out the synopsis HERE and image gallery HERE.

You are going to be the first, the first to make the humans see.

What’s wrong with Pointless?

Don’t look at my browser history!

This is us being blown up with a big bazooka!

The first thing I’d if I wanted to invade the world would be to kill you.

You’ve gone quiet because I mentioned Clara.

Why would she be sending me propaganda?

The Osgood box exists, but it’s not here so stop looking.

There’s nothing better on the other side.

I spend a lot of my time being kidnapped, tortured, shot at, exterminated – doesn’t mean I like it.



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