Included below you can find 10 spoiler-free quotes from this week’s Doctor Who episode, The Woman Who Lived – check them out below. It airs on Oct 24 on BBC One at 8.20pm and stars Maisie Williams and Rufus Hound.

Today is the day I should have died.

Life expectancy is 35 these days.

Last time I saw you, you were founding a leper colony.

I’m an undercover constable from Scotland Yard.

The Terileptils. Surgeons, scientists, inventors, composers – fantastic CVs.

All you see is a ghost.

He doesn’t know about you, only the artefact.

What do you say, dad?

He loves you.

They’re coming through the Rift


  1. Bit concerned there's utterly no sign of Clara, not in publicity shots or trailer material so far. She's not got many episodes left and one of those is basically Peter talking to himself for an hour. Surely now isn't the time for a companion lite episode!


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