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Doctor Who Series 9: The Witch’s Familiar – What Did YOU Think?

The second episode of Doctor Who Series 9 has aired, but what did YOU think? Leave your thoughts, reviews and theories on The Witch’s Familiar in the comments section below. Read Blogtor’s spoiler-free review HERE and spoilery look at the episode HERE.
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  1. Terrific episode. Lots of (gosh) juggling with history as we (thought) we know it, but thoroughly enjoyable for that.

    Missy – Mary Poppins meets Heath Ledger's Joker? The 20ft drop was keen!

    Clara in the Dalek – opportunity for cross ref to Asylum missed? Or did I miss it?

    Super Race plot maybe stretching it but now we're stuck with it so hopefully Moffat will capitalise tastefully.

  2. Okay, loved that! Very exciting, and extremely clever, how they took care of the loose ends! Thus far, even though we're only two episodes in, Season Nine is proving vastly better than Eight. The Doctor somehow only gets cooler and edgier, Clara isn't annoying this time around, and don't even get me started on the Pile of Awesome that is Missy.

  3. Personally this two parter is the first time Peter Capaldi truly shined as the Doctor for me. In Deep Breath we never really saw the "hero" scene that was big and noisy announcing him unequivocally as the Doctor like with Smith and Tennant. In series 8 his character seemed kind of flat and reserved with only glimmers of the Doctor I know. He never had the Doctor's big obnoxious exuberant stage presence so it was difficult to connect to him. Peter OWNED the part of the Doctor in these episodes. Finally we saw the exuberance and excitement that you see in him when he's interviewed. I finally feel the connection to him as the Doctor and perhaps he even has the potential to be my favorite.

    Also loved Missy in this episode. And Davros was excellent.

  4. There was a lot to love about this episode and quite a bit that didn't quite work (or did it)!

    Missy and Claras escape from the Daleks was a nice tie in with Missys escape at the end of "Death in Heaven", but it was a bit like finding out how a magician does his tricks, once the illusion is revealed the magic is gone. The pointy stick was fun though!

    The exchanges between the Doctor and Davros were brilliant! The ferocity with which the Doctor commands Davros to "get out" was electrifying and in total contrast to the tenderness of the later interaction where Davros opens his eyes. Of course it was a going to be a trick, I think that was inherent in these episodes titles, but it was nicely packaged.

    The mercy shown by the Doctor towards the young Davros in the battlefields of Skaro was beautifully executed and once again tied back in with the themes of Series 8 and whether the Doctor was a good man.

    What didn't quite work was Clara in the Dalek! We've seen Clara in a Dalek before so it felt like a bit of a retread and while the camera work made it feel claustrophobic, Jenna Coleman didn't connect with the terror and fear of her incarceration. Perhaps I am being unfair, it is a huge ask for any actor to convey a full range of emotions through facial expressions while delivering the script you have been given.

    So why wasn't this episode outstanding…Because it isn't over yet! The talk of prophecies and Hybrids and the fact we know Clara is leaving kind of makes me think we might be back round this way again and it will all make much more timey-wimey sense.


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