Jenna Coleman at the Doctor Who Festival (C) BBC Worldwide
Recently, Blogtor sat down with Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat to chat about all things Who. As we knew Jenna Coleman was leaving the show, Steven revealed what the exit strategy for Clara Oswald had been from the start.
“What we’re gonna do with Clara’s departure was ‘Plan A’. This is what I wanted to with Clara from very, very early on in Clara’s run but Jenna said that she wanted to leave at the end of Series 8. And I sort of knew she didn’t really want to leave, I think she just felt she ought to leave at the end of Series 8, despite my various attempts to tell her what she was thinking – which never goes down well I find with human beings! [Laughs]
She decided to leave so I wrote her out of the end of Death In Heaven, that was her last episode. I was halfway through Christmas [Last Christmas] without Jenna and she said, ‘Actually, I’d like to be in Christmas,’ so I discreetly threw away the script I was writing and started again. [Laughs] Never told her that – should’ve. 
Jenna Coleman at the Doctor Who Festival (C) BBC Worldwide
I wrote her out of the end of Christmas but this time I sniffed a wind and wrote two endings; one version where she actually is the old lady and we last see her going up the spiral staircase. At the read through we did the big heart-rending departure and she changed her mind.
Peter and I did perform every form of emotional manipulation known to people on the world tour, badly and ineptly I might add. I like to think in the sheer ineptitude of out apparent subterfuge we were charming.
But what we’re doing now is the right way for her to go, in my view.”
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