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Doctor Who Series 9: Sleep No More teasers

Sleep No More (C) BBC
Included below are ten spoiler-free quotes from this week’s Doctor Who episode, Sleep No More. Check out some trailers HERE and the cast list HERE. Written by Mark Gatiss,  Sleep No More airs 8.15pm, Nov 14 on BBC One.
After the Great Catastrophe there was a tectonic re-alignment, India and Japan they sort of merged.

That’s how they roll in the 38th century.

They came from Tritan.

They did find others though, strangers…

We all know a Grunt when we see one

May the Gods look favourably upon you.

Bring me a dream.

They were like snakes, like it was alive

It’s like the Silurians all over again

Looks like a Japanese restaurant.



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