Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman in Sleep No More (C) BBC
Included below is the cast list for the next Doctor Who episode, Sleep No More. The episode is written by Mark Gatiss (The Unquiet Dead, Robot of Sherwood) and is a “found footage” episode. Click on the image above for a bigger version.

The Doctor – Peter Capaldi
Clara – Jenna Coleman
Rassmusssen – Reece Shearsmith
Nagata – Elaine Tan
Chopra – Neet Mohan
474 – Bethany Black
Deep-Ando – Paul Courtenay Hyu
Monster Actors – Paul Davis, Tom Wilton, Matthew Doman
Morpheus Presenter – Zina Badran
Hologram Singers – Natasha Patel, Elizabeth Chong, Nikkita Chadha, Gracie Lai
Sleep No More airs 8.15pm, Nov 14 on BBC One. Read the synopsis HERE and check out two trailers HERE. Visit the Doctor Who Series 9 Episode Guide HERE.


  1. Maybe she's a great actor, but the role she plays isn't good in my opinion.
    And why would she come back ? Sally didn't come back either. So didn't Mr Copper.


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