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Final figures are in for the debut episode of Doctor Who Series 9, The Magician’s Apprentice, and it’s  very good news for the show in the UK. 
Despite many media outlets concentrating on the overnight figures, the final consolidated figures are now in. These figures include those who watched The Magician’s Apprentice over the space of a week, repeat showings and viewings on the BBC iPlayer. The episode finished with:

6.54 million viewers (consolidated)
7.33 million viewers (including repeats)
1.5 million iPlayer requests

This means that within a week in the UK alone, The Magician’s Apprentice was watched by an impressive 8.8 million viewers, finishing in the Top 5 for the BBC that week. Check out the record-breaking US figures for the ep HERE.

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  1. We usually expect an increase of 2 million, anyway. Ratings for 9.02 will be interesting. Will it include Sundays omnibus? Should it?

  2. Didn't BARB already include iPlayer figures though? That would mean their official rating + repeats would only be 7.73m viewers.


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