The first episode of Doctor Who Series 9 has aired, but what did YOU think? Leave your thoughts, reviews and theories on The Magician’s Apprentice in the comments section below. Read Blogtor’s spoiler-free review HERE and spoilery look at the episode HERE.
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  1. I was appalled at how poor tonight's episode was. The first two minutes leading up to THAT revelation were outstanding – but the rest of the plot was self-referential hubris of the worst kind.

    I also really cannot see the comparisons between Michelle Gomez as Missy and Roger Delgado's Master – it's just not working for me at all. Huge pity – there is so much potential in the concept of tonight's episode, but it just doesn't work out over two episodes.

    • Sorry Daniel, but I don't agree with you. For me this has got to be the strongest opening episode to a new series in a very long time. The amount of stuff that happened in it just blew my mind and has really wet my appetite for the rest of the series. I cannot wait for next week's episode. As for Michelle Gomez, well she isn't trying to be like Roger Delgado so theres nothing to compare. She is putting her own spin on the character. Look I was just as upset when Missy was revealed to be the Master, because I could never imagine that they'd actually change a characters gender, but it fits the Master's profile cuz he's quite mental and eccentric.
      Just go with the flow and give it a chance. It is only the 1st episode after all.

  2. I have to say the 1st few mins of season 9, i had goosebumps, The child that is Davros i say – and then the master re-appears, and lets face it he was always a little eccentric even as mary poppins(a master disguise and regeneration)still enjoying the female form,i dont like calling him missy – she is the master…

    as for these concept over 2 episodes ? i think not, Cyberdan still has to be resolved, I dont believe his is totally gone, I think we are in for a season that will tie up claras loose ends and she will end up happy with the Pinkmeister..

    As for the master – well the doc and himself have been fighting for ages, and lets face it a universe without the doctor scarely bears thinking about (His words to the high council during the borusa incident).so we wont be seeing the last of him/her….

    this is the third part of this story – it started with the death of danny pink, and as said there is more going on that meets the eye…

    there will be more blood on the doctors hands…essentially his hands are bathed in blood, where the doctor goes trouble and death follows..whether he likes it or not..

  3. I actually enjoyed it once it got past the goofy guitar playing. I think the hook of Davros as a child and the concept that "Who made Davros" is very interesting. Plus, yay to the 2-parter! I did not really like Season 8, so perhaps the fact that my expectations were somewhat low helped.

  4. First things first, the pre-credits sequence on The Magician's Apprentice may well be the best one in the show to date. I also liked how it feels like the culmination of a whole season, but there isn't actually any lead-up to it at all, which will probably help it stand alone when it's old. I loved how Davros was not promoted, kind of like the cybermen in Earthshock, leaving the reveal a surprise, unless you beleived that early-days rumour from The Mirror, which I never believed for a second. Colony Sarff was a very entertaining monster, though he seemed kind of random, I mean, why does Davros need a snake-nest-in-a-dress when he's got the daleks?Anyway, his opening line: "Wee are Colony Sarfff… we bring… harm" was great. Missy was okay, though I preferred her performance in Dark Water/Death in Heaven fot some reson. All in all, a really auspicious start for season 9, and I hope the rest keeps up this standard of quality.

  5. Very disappointed, did not meet my expectations, Missy would be ok if she was not the Master, do not like the sex change is pointless. Capaldi is trying to hard to be the Doctor. Hoping in a better second episode, and please leave Danny Pink dead, that's a good place for somebody so insignificant like him.

  6. I'm amazing so many people here didn't think it was flipping brilliant, because I certainly thought it was! I loved every bit of it.
    One thing I am wondering though is whether it was too much for children- is anyone here a parent? How did they react to colony sarf?

  7. Absolutely Sublime!

    I was underwhelmed by Peter Capaldi's performance in season 8. He had moments of brilliance but he didn't quite hit the right pace. I guess that's the problem of writing the Doctors latest incarnation, it can take a while for the new Doctor to fully emerge on screen!

    The season 9 opener saw Capaldi arrive as a more confident, unique and fully identifiable incarnation of the mad man in a blue box. The script was crafted for Mr Capaldi to flex his acting muscles, moving effortlessly through the emotional spectrum.

    The story concept is undoubtedly the strength of this episode and thanks to Mr Moffats writing skill the episode was elevated from yet another Dalek romp to something that offered real sense of menace. Davros narration giving the Doctor (and the audience) an insight into the Dalek psyche was akin to watching a David Attenborough natural history film.

    The two part format is also a welcome return, but let's just hope that this episode didn't set the bar so high that the conclusion disappoints. Right now a week feels like a very long wait!

  8. i absolutely loved it, it had loads of shocker moments peters intensity in his performance was out standing the comedy moments between bors and the doctor was hilarious and peter playing the guitar on that tank was the best I've seen best Dr who opening ever and can not wait for next week


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