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Doctor Who Series 9: Hell Bent synopsis [SPOILERS!]

The BBC have released the synopsis for the final episode of Doctor Who Series 9, Hell Bent – read it below. WARNING! There be spoilers ahead!
If you took everything from him, betrayed him, trapped him, and broke both his hearts…how far might the Doctor go?
Returning to Gallifrey, the Doctor faces the Time Lords in a struggle that will take him to the end of time itself. Who is the Hybrid? And what is the Doctor’s confession?
Doctor Who, Hell Bent airs 8pm – 9.05pm, Dec 5 on BBC One. In a recent interview, Steven Moffat revealed that there are cameos for returning monsters and it also features Ohila and the Sisterhood of Karn, and “many more”… Read HERE for more info.


  1. There's a hand reaching out in that trailer that looks very like Tennant in "Fires of Pompeii." I think we may well be linking back to that original rescue. Was the Doctor fobwatched in Ancient Pompeii for his own safety?

  2. The key is "The hybrid is me" …. well clearly itys Moffatt so thats as misleading as possible….. So who IS a known hybrid of "a warrior race" and the Time Lords? (more or less)

    Hiding in plain sight perchance? Me (a name I call myself).. yes Her….


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