Peter Capaldi in Hell Bent (C) BBC
Below you can fin the cast list for the Doctor Who Series 9 finale, Hell Bent. Please be wary as this list is quite spoilery (though not as spoilery as it could be).
The Doctor – Peter Capaldi
Ashildr – Maisie Williams
The President – Donald Sumpter
The General – Ken Bones
Female General – T’nia Miller
Gastron – Malachi Kirby
Ohila – Clare Higgins
The Woman – Linda Broughton

Eagle-eyed fans will notice the name Donald Sumpter – the actor starred in the classic Doctor Who stories,  The Sea Devils and The Wheel in Space. Sumpter also appeared in the spin-off The Sarah Jane Adventures in The Eternity Trap.
Ken Bones returns to the role of The General, first seen in the 50th Anniversary Doctor Who special, The Day of the Doctor, as does Clare Higgins as Ohila (The Magician’s Apprentice). Lastly, it is not clear – at the moment – whether not the character of The Woman is same of that played by Claire Bloom in The End of Time.


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