The BBC have released a video introduction to this week’s Doctor Who Series 9 finale, Hell Bent – watch it in the player below. Check out the cast list HERE and 15 quotes HERE. Hell Bent airs 8pm,  Dec 5 on BBC One.


  1. the real horrible truth … What if the time lords are trying to fix something that has already happened to the doctor… what if : missy was still in gallifrey during the last episode with Matt Smith. Looking for the Doctor through the crack. When she hears that he is in danger by the words of Clara, she use the possibility engine (or any other artifact ex machina) to extrapolate life energy from a Dalek, a Ciberman, two weeping angels and a Time lord … to give him more regenerations! (without having the Timelords noticing).
    That would make him the ultimate hybrid, in this way he would be closer to Missy (at least in her mind).
    The clues are : Missy thinks definitely that now he is changed so that they can now be friends. The Doctor knows he changed (metaphores and so on, scenes in which you doubt him…and you litterally do not know what he did). It was never clear Who sent the regenerations from Gallifrey. "how many regenerations did "we" grant him" is shouted (or something similar) in the trailer …
    … and we now could get Why there are daleks, weeping angels, a Time Lord and cybermen in a dusty place with power cables attached to them … (p.s. having a hologram of the time lord screaming it perfectly suits the now well known tastes of missy)

    So, if Missy made him the hybrid through the new set of dangerous regenerations ,then it make sense for the presence of the "extraction" room in order to remove his future hybrid regenerations , that explains why he will degenerate to the war doctor, in wait for clean regeneration energy.

    Clara was definitely his link to his previous regenerations and to his ethic…(remind yourself that she could affect only the doctor's time line untill the moment of her jump, not his whole future, or future regenerations). That's why he misses her so much, and uses her to focus in his tardis mind palace. Because he fears that if he let her go definitively, he would become the "monster hybrid" of the legend. Since he knows that something is awaiting his next regeneration, he used his confession disk to ask missy to kill him as a token of mercy and friendship.

    I hope i blew your mind a little bit ^_^


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