Included below you can find ten spoiler-free quotes from Doctor Who Series 9, Episode 11, Heaven Sent. Find out more about the finale HERE (spoilers!) and check out the image gallery HERE.
One day you will linger in the same place too long, you will sit too still or sleep too deep.
I’m not more than single light year from where I was.
Clara said, “Don’t take revenge.” You should know I don’t always listen.
My day can’t get any worse.
When I was a very little boy, there was an old lady who died.
You’ve known about me for a very long time.
Don’t you want to know how I survived?
I always imagine that I’m back in my TARDIS, showing off.
Can’t I just sleep?
Come on teacher, ask me questions!
Heaven Sent airs 8.05pm Nov 28 on BBC One. Doctor Who Series 9 is available now to buy on the BBC Store.



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