Below you can find 10 spoiler-free quotes from Doctor Who Series 9, Episode 5: The Girl Who Died. Read Blogtor’s spoiler-free review of the instalment HERE and visit the Doctor Who Series 9 episode guide HERE.

I’m under attack from four and a bit battle fleets, in case you think I’m slacking.

I think there’s something in my space suit.

I love puppets!

He’s upgraded his phobia.

I had a dream you all died.

What’s the one thing Gods never do? Gods never show up.

The universe is full of testosterone, trust me – it’s unbearable.

Do babies die with honour?

I’ve always been different. All my life I’ve known that.

To the primitive mind advance technology can seem like magic.

Doctor Who, The Girl Who Died airs Saturday Oct 17 on BBC One at 8.20pm


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