Rigsy, The Doctor and Clara in Face The Raven (C) BBC

Included below are ten spoilers-free quotes from this week’s Doctor Who episode, Face The Raven. Check out the cast list HERE and the synopsis HERE.
We cannot take you back down your timeline.
It very nearly ate you for dinner.
Don’t bring the new human, I’ll just get distracted.
Your pre-frontal cortex is marinating in it.
Don’t start using my actual name now!
He’s got this whole secret room in the TARDIS
Some of your greatest enemies are within a few feet of you.
I did this to save you, you silly old thing.
I might as well be back in a war zone.
The Doctor is no longer here, you are stuck with me. And I will end you and everything you love.
Doctor Who, Face The Raven airs 8.10pm, Nov 21 on BBC One. Visit the episode guide to Doctor Who Series 9 HERE.



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