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Doctor Who Series 9, Ep 11 details and S9 monster news

Peter Capaldi filming in Fuerteventura

BBC America have released a behind-the-scenes video on Doctor Who Series 9, Episode 11 – watch it in the player below. Director Rachel Talalay (who also directed last year’s finale, Dark Water/Death In Heaven) discusses filming on the episode which has been described as a “one-hander” by Executive Producer Brian Minchin, ie. it features just Peter Capaldi.

Minchin can be seen in the next video chatting about the monsters of Doctor Who Series 9 with Lead Writer Steven Moffat. They reveal that “monster” actor Jami Reid-Quarrell returns in the aforementioned Episode 11 but as a different character. Also discussed are the Zygons and their Series 9 two-parter, Invasion of the Zygons/Inversion of the Zygons. Check it out below.



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