The BBC have released a trailer for Doctor Who Series 8 – watch it in the player above. The series, starring Peter Capaldi as The Doctor and Jenna Coleman as Clara, starts on August 23. For more info, pics and news, visit guide to Doctor Who Series 8 HERE.


  1. I hate the first story after a regeneration. It's always about the changes and the Doctor being messed up (Elecenth Hour notwithstanding). This doesn't leave me with much hope.

  2. I'm not sure I agree. I love seeing how each incarnation deals with the physical change that's happened and also how the companion handles it. The 10th doctor just slept, the 11th doctor went mental and I think the 12th doctor is gonna go the route of the 6th doctor, psychotic.

  3. To the first comment, we have to note that Regeneration mixes you up a bit. How would you feel if suddenly your body and mind were altered completely within a second? You would need time to adapt to it.
    I say the first episode will be good and Capaldi is bound to play the part well.
    Although, is the lighting scheme of the Tardis going to change from Blue to Red/Orange or something?


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