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Doctor Who S8 Steelbook Full

Doctor Who Series 8 Steelbook. Cover by Sophie Cowdrey (c) BBC Studios Twelfth Doctor Clara Oswald Missy Michelle Gomez Peter Capaldi Jenna Coleman Blu-ray

Doctor Who Series 8 Steelbook. Cover by Sophie Cowdrey. Art collage in a pastel portrait type style. Left side shows Clara (20s, petite, attractive, brown straight hair past her shoulder and centre parting bangs, wearing an orange blouse decorated with eyes, and blue chino style slacks, seen from the hips up) with one hand on her hip and her head tilted, with a bright eyed cheeky smile. Behind her are a Dalek (2005 style) covered in cables and wires, a mummy, Osgood (about 30, thick black rimmed glasses, long brown hair, red bowtie and floral print blouse) looking terribly worried, Danny Pink (late 20s, navy coat, red and blue striped tie, handsome) looking amused, Two Cybermen (2013 style) and Kate Stewart (50, shoulder length blonde hair, dark coat) looking concerned. Behind them all is the unspooling clock face from the 2014 opening titles. The other side shows the Doctor (seemingly mid-50s, short grey hair, thin, thoughtful but slightly glum expression, in navy crombie style overcoat, white shirt buttoned up with no tie) seen from the hips up, has his hands in his pockets, pushing his coat back to expose the red lining. Behind him stands Missy (about 50 but strikingly attractive, dressed in Victorian clothes, with an amused but mischievous expression) stands with one hand on the handle of a long umbrella. The background features complicated equations in chalk. The figures are all realistically coloured, but the background is presented in shades of lighter and darker purple. (c) BBC Studios

Doctor Who S8 Steelbook