When Steven Moffat writes a mid-series episode, you know it’s gonna be a game changer.

‘Extremis’ throws the whole trajectory of the series aside to kick off a three-part epic informally dubbed the Monk trilogy. Anyone who thought ‘The Pilot’ was an unusual Moffat episode will be pleased to see his trademarks make a return. This is a timey-wimey, mind-bending and strangely dark story.

The TARDIS team are recruited to investigate a forbidden text by none other than the Pope himself. The blind Doctor is literally and figuratively lost in the dark while Bill and Nardole venture down the rabbit hole. An old frenemy returns and we learn a lot more about the Vault.

It’s a packed episode but is cleverly paced and the plot threads come together nicely. It’s a nail-biting episode that sets the stage for the rest of the series. The Twelfth Doctor may be down, but he certainly isn’t out.



  • Joseph Long plays the Pope. He previously appeared in the series four episode ‘Turn Left’ as Mr. Colasanto.
  • Jennifer Hennessy reappears as Moira. We forgot to mention in our preview of ‘The Pilot’ that she played Valerie in series three’s ‘Gridlock’.
  • Recurring background actor Clem So makes his third appearance of this series.
  • The Doctor mentions the Prydonian Chapter, his house at the Time Lord Academy.


“Pope Benedict? Lovely girl, what a night! I knew she was trouble but she wove a spell with those castanets.”

“Warning: I have full permission to kick your arse.”

“Of course there’s Wi-Fi, It’s a library.”



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