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Doctor Who – Ruby and the 15th Doctor arrive in a New BBC Roblox Game

BBC World Chase - The Doctor And Ruby

The Doctor and Ruby Sunday have landed in the new Roblox game released today, BBC Wonder Chase.

It’s the first time the BBC has launched a game like this on a platform like Roblox. BBC Wonder Chase is a free, fun, vibrant world, featuring some of the biggest BBC shows like Match of the Day, EastEnders, The Next Step, and, of course, Doctor Who.

As well as The Doctor and Ruby, players will also meet a mischievous Goblin and can find a Weeping Angel, a Dalek and the Tardis in the game’s ‘Deep Space Zone’. Throughout the game, players will also meet and interact with some of the BBC’s most famous faces – including Gary Lineker, Zara McDermott, Louis Theroux, and Hacker T Dog.

The new BBC Wonder Chase experience aims to reach young people where they are and bring the BBC to them. Roblox is enormously popular with younger audiences, and is used by over 71 million people every day. The experience is free on Roblox, and available on PC, mobile (iOS, Android), PlayStation, Xbox. To find it, just go to Roblox and search for BBC Wonder Chase.

Fiona Campbell, controller of youth audience, BBC iPlayer and BBC Three, says: “BBC Wonder Chase brings some of the biggest BBC shows from the worlds of sport, drama and the natural world alive in a game space that encourages play and social interaction between friends and also the show’s leading characters. Showcasing the breadth of BBC content on a platform with more than 71 million users.”

The experience was made by the BBC with Bristol-based games developer Mobile Pie. The BBC has also used a number of accessibility tools for the experience, which are available on the Roblox platform. This includes the option to stop or pause motion such as grass or wind to reduce animations for those who may find them distracting.

There is built-in support for Adaptive Controllers for people using PlayStation or Xbox, plus the ability to change what the buttons do so that users can control their experience. And there is a feature where users can automate a double jump, a key action, to help those who may have issues tapping twice in quick succession.

BBC – World Chase – Roblox

BBC Wonder Chase world will evolve across the coming year with new content added and new worlds developed.

To find BBC Wonder Chase, click here or go to Roblox and search for BBC Wonder Chase.



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