The first four Doctor Who revisited specials from BBC America will air this Sunday, August 18 from 4:30pm on UKTV in Australia and New Zealand. These
programmes provide an introduction to each of the previous incarnations
of the Doctor and are designed to work alongside a specially curated
selection of stories. These specials feature:

· interviews with key cast and crew,
· classic clips,
· a montage of the Doctors’ key moments, iconic lines and monsters and
contributions from Steven Moffat, John Barrowman, David Tennant, Caroline Skinner and Neil Gaiman, among others.
The first four Doctor Who revisited specials, featuring William Hartnell through to Tom Baker, air this Sunday, August 18 from 4:30pm on UKTV.
Thanks to BBC Worldwide
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Cameron K. McEwan
Cameron K McEwan was the first owner and site editor of Blogtor Who since its creation in May 2008 until Dec 2015. A lifelong Doctor Who fan, Cameron has also written two books, The Who’s Who of Doctor Who and Doctor Who: The Big Book of Lists, and directed a film all about Doctor Who fans throughout the years, Who’s Changing - An Adventure In Time With Fans. Cameron also contributes TV and film news and reviews to BBC Radio London, Metro, Digital Spy, New York Observer and Den of Geek. He lives in London with his one trousers.


  1. And yet again we Brit's are left wanting. We funded this program. Its British and we get sod all.

    That's the BBC for you

  2. Have these ever aired on UK TV (with a space) Cam? I may have missed them, if so oops on my part, but if not is there any plan to? Have you heard anything from the beeb press team at all? Not moaning, just interested! 🙂

  3. Seriously BBC? I would have thought that Britain and Ireland would have gotten these specials before Australia and New Zealand…

  4. @ CG1701:

    You guys get prime-time DOCTOR WHO the night it airs at all times. Count yourself lucky. I've been with the show for 35 years in the US and I never dared DREAM any cable provider would ever pick it up to air, much less create specials ABOUT it! And while yes, the BBC and the Brits own DOCTOR WHO (and rightly so), BBCAmerica paid for those specials themselves. They created them to be introductions to all the new American fans (and non-fans alike) for the history of the show that's been around longer than their lifetime. Knowing DOCTOR WHO is a cultural privilege the United Kingdom can take pride in. But, the rest of the world has to work to catch-up. I'm sorry you're getting these later than we did. But, in the end, you'll see nothing was shown or talked about you didn't already know. They weren't made for DW fans. They were made for non-viewers. And on that front, I've used them to convert about ten people to the Classics of Doctor Who. It allows them a brief glimpse of each era, thus allowing them to choose to seek out more of that particular era, as they desire. It's a brilliant marketing move by the BBC in general, and one that will benefit the show's success as time passes.

    If this is the worst tragedy you can think of concerning your access to DOCTOR WHO, count yourself lucky. I certainly do. 🙂

  5. From what I hear BBC America is just like Dave. Not even a proper channel. They could at least put these specials on CBBC as a lot of children are also new to doctor who and could introduce them to the classics!


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