Party like it’s London 1965 all over again! Doctor Who returns to the popular online platform for a second epic marathon of classic episodes

It’s been confirmed that Doctor Who is, in fact, returning for a second run on popular streaming platform Twitch. The first marathon of nearly every episode from 1963 to 1989 was one of the surprise highlights of fandom in 2018. With each episode streamed one after the other over a period of several weeks, while fans new and old engaged with each other in a real time chat, it proved a major hit with old and young alike.

The new run begins at 6pm on Friday the 4th of January with An Unearthly Child and continues until Survival Part Three at 6am on the 25th. Each day’s run of episodes will be shown twice that day. As before, however, a number of Dalek stories aren’t included. Nor are any stories with missing episodes, except for The Web of Fear. The latter is a particular shame, in Blogtor Who’s view, as fans of the first Twitch marathon had expressed an eager willingness to see the official reconstructions which existed.

One of the great highlights of the last Twitch marathon were the links playing at regular intervals. The trailers promoting each Doctor used seemingly random clips and both bemused and delighted fans. Ian Chesterton’s joy at finding himself and Barbara safely in “London, 1965!” become an iconic element of fandom overnight, and let loose an explosion of London 1965 fan art and unofficial merchandise.

Will The Doctor (William Hartnell) and Susan (Carol Ann Ford) get Ian (William Russell) and Barbara (Jacqueline Hill) to London 1965 before the bus fares go up?

Full details of the schedule for the marathon is on the official Doctor Who site. The marathon itself will be streamed via Twitch’s Twitch Present channels.

In short, however, the schedule runs:

5th-7th:     The First Doctor (ending with The War Machines)

7th-9th:     The Second Doctor (beginning with The Tomb of the Cybermen)

9th-14th:   The Third Doctor

14th-20th: The Fourth Doctor

20th-22nd: The Fifth Doctor

23rd-24th: The Sixth Doctor

24th-25th: The Seventh Doctor



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