On tonight’s Casualty, a Dalek helps bring Ethan and Fenisha back together

Tonight’s Casualty featured an unexpected appearance by Doctor Who’s greatest enemy as one of the Skaro pepperpots uncharacteristically became a symbol of love. The drama, now in its thirty-fifth year, centres on the busy Emergency Department of the fictional Holby City Hospital. And one of the tangled plotlines of the past year involves the love life of consultant Ethan Hardy and paramedic Fenisha Khatri. They may be living together and co-parenting their baby Archie, conceived during a one-night stand. But a divide has existed between them due to Ethan’s Huntington Disease. First due to him concealing it and then with it making him reluctant to begin a serious relationship.

But tonight Fenisha finally found the way to dedicated Doctor Who fan Ethan’s heart. Buying a full size bronze Dalek and a Lovarzi replica scarf from a charity shop, she stages a romantic encounter for Ethan. She presents him with the Dalek festooned with fairy lights. When she appears, wrapped in the Fourth Doctor’s scarf, Ethan’s greatly touched but maintains the gesture doesn’t change the reality of his terminal illness. But Fenisha persuades him that she’ll love him regardless. And that the pain of being kept apart from him is worse than any hardships due to his worsening symptoms.

As the two finally kiss, Fenisha reveals there’s more to come. Getting down on one knee, she proposes with a Doctor Who keyring style necklace. Ethan’s getting a Gallifreyan inscribed ring later, apparently. (BlogtorWho would probably recommend one of the replicas of the Twelfth Doctor’s ring, though).

If you’re in the UK and missed the episode, you can catch up on iPlayer here.

And the BBC have tweeted a gif of the reveal too.


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