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Doctor Who Playmobil Figures On The Way from Funko!

Eleventh and Fourth Doctor Funko-Playmobil 6" Figure
Eleventh and Fourth Doctor - Image courtesy of Funko.
Eleventh and Fourth Doctor – Image courtesy of Funko.

Funko, known for their POP! Vinyl figures, has just announced a new partnership with Playmobil which will see the release of a new series of six-inch replicas.

Having established themselves as the world’s biggest manufacturer of stylised pop culture items, Funko announced this week that they will be expanding their licensed entertainment products to Playmobil-style figurines.

Funko are Playmobil’s first licensee and hope to bring a new variety of beloved characters to fans.

We’re honoured and thrilled to create the first ever cross-license with PLAYMOBIL and bring their unique style to the hip and trendy pop culture licenses Funko is known for,’ said Funko’s Chief Executive Officer Brian Mariotti in the official press release.  ‘It’s an amazing opportunity, and we know fans of both styles are going to love these figures.’

The full line-up of products is not yet known but from the first wave, the company have indicated it will focus on popular films and television shows, both modern and twentieth-century classics.

Coming this summer are the fourth and eleventh incarnations of the Doctor – as played on television by Tom Baker (1974 to 1981) and Matt Smith (2010 to 2013) – alongside Sherlock’s Holmes and Watson, Willy Wonk and an Oompa Loompa, characters from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Marty and Doc Brown from the beloved Back to the Future trilogy of films.

You can see the Doctor Who products above, and photos of the remaining items are visible at the bottom of this post.

Each of these eleven new six-inch figurines will be made available with the recommended retail price of $14.99 (USD) this summer from the usual Funko suppliers. The range are 200% (double) the size of the original Playmobil figures. Neither Funko nor Playmobil have announced yet whether scale dioramas are in the pipeline to follow this initial set, but it is likely it will be some time before we see these if they are indeed on the way, as the companies will want to test the new scale’s popularity first.

You can read more on the announcement on the official Funko website here.

Back to the Future – Image courtesy of Funko.
Sherlock – Image courtesy of Funko.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Image courtesy of Funko.
Willy Wonka – Image courtesy of Funko.





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