Classic Doctor Who DVD producer Chris Chapman is producing a documentary looking back at the 1964 William Hartnell story The Reign of Terror, a story which had the first Doctor embroiled in the events of the French Revolution. Two members of the cast and crew have proved particularly elusive in tracking down, and Chris has asked us to put the word out to the world at large in an effort to find these Who alumni!

Chris is on the look out for Peter Walker, who played the small boy in Reign. He would be between 55 and 60 now, and as a child he attended the Corona Stage School in London (who sadly have kept no record of him).

The second most wanted is the director’s secretary from the same story – Ann Earl (sometimes ‘Anne’) who worked alongside the director, Henric Hirsch. Ann may have married since 1964, so Earl might be her maiden name. She’s likely to be 70+ now.

If you know either of these individuals – then drop Chris an email on [email protected] or via his Twitter account @chrischapman81 with your information. It may mean a significant figure in Who history is interviewed on camera for the first time, and (if you crack either mystery) you’ll certainly receive a complementary copy of the Reign of Terror DVD when it hits shops.


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