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Doctor Who – Once and Future continues with Two’s Company

Two's Company (Special Edition) Final

Big Finish’s 60th anniversary blockbuster, Doctor Who: Once and Future, continues with today’s release of Two’s Company. The multi-era series continues by throwiing in Jackie Tyler (Camille Coduri) and Lady Christina de Souza (Michelle Ryan) in with the confused de-regenerating Sixth Doctor (Colin Baker).  And that’s not all,  Harry Sullivan, as portrayed by Christopher Naylor is back.  Perhaps he can add some clarity to the mix.

Written by Lisa McMullin, directed by Helen Goldwyn, this fourth episode carries on the story.

Michelle Ryan added: “I love that I got to work with Colin. He’s great. He’s got that wisdom in his voice. I love the new dynamic (working with his Doctor), it’s a totally different dimension that I didn’t anticipate.”

And Camille Coduri said: “How brilliant – you’ve got your working-class girl (Jackie Tyler) and your aristo (Lady Christina). Jackie’s relationship with the Doctor is love/hate, but they’re more like sisters.”

Producer David Richardson said: “This episode is a glorious collision of much-loved characters. It’s chalk meets cheese in the Once and Future universe, and there’s so much fun to be had…”

Colin Baker agreed: “I marvel at the fact that Big Finish can continue to produce such a high standard of script. Lisa McMullin has done a lovely job.”

Colin Baker - Once and Future - Two's Company - Big Finish Productions
Colin Baker – Once and Future – Two’s Company – Big Finish Productions


Duration: 66 minutes.
Released: 16 August 2023, exclusively from the Big Finish website.
Director: Helen Goldwyn
Writer: Lisa McMullin
Script Editor: Matt Fitton
Producer: David Richardson
Executive Producers: Nicholas Briggs, Jason Haigh-Ellery

The Time War. The Doctor has been injured and brought to a Time Lord field hospital. His body glows with energy, but this is no regeneration into a future form – instead, the Doctor’s past faces begin to appear as he flits haphazardly between incarnations…

Staggering to his TARDIS, the Doctor sets out to solve the mystery of his ‘degeneration’. Who has done this to him? How? And why? From the Earth to the stars, across an array of familiar times and places, he follows clues to retrace his steps, encountering old friends and enemies along the way. Tumbling through his lives, the Doctor must stop his degeneration before he loses himself completely…

Back on Earth, the Doctor finds a clue in the search for the origins of the degeneration weapon. In his Sixth body, he meets Jackie Tyler and Lady Christina de Souza – thrown together by fate, or something more? – in pursuit of a powerful item of jewellery.

Meanwhile, a Time Lord renegade has duped Harry Sullivan into helping him stop the Doctor’s travels before they begin – and all are set on a collision course.

Doctor Who: Once and Future is a Big Finish’s multiple story production to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Doctor Who.  The seven parts series materialises between May and October 2023, with a final coda in November 2024.

Doctor Who – Once and Future: Two’s Company is now available to own as a single-disc collector’s edition CD (+ download for just £10.99), or digital download only (for just £8.99), exclusively from www.bigfinish.com.

Big Finish listeners can purchase all eight Once and Future audio adventures together in a bundle for just £72 (on collector’s edition CD and download) or £60 (download only).

A special edition series bundle, which contains extended behind-the-scenes extras and music suites for each story, is also available to pre-order for just £62 (as a digital download only).




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