BBC One viewer feedback show Points of View featured some Doctor Who related comments in its most recent edition (which aired yesterday) – watch it in the player below.

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Cameron K. McEwan
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  1. Unrealistic and not scientific? Well obviously! It's Doctor Who, not a science documentary. Why on Earth would a science-fiction drama show be realistic and scientific?

  2. Doctor Who is as scientifically accurate as it always has been. (i.e. not very.) That's kind of the whole point, it's meant to be fun and at the moment it's just that – fun.

  3. While I have felt unengaged on a few stories this year I don't think any of them were terrible. Flawed and unfocused maybe but not actually rubbish.

  4. It's also meant to be dramatic and at the moment it isn't because of all the "fun". The show needs to make up tis mind what it wants to be – larks and japes in Time and Space with loads of overacting and comedy aliens, or something dark and mysterious (which the finale attempted but failed because it was too bogged down in all the mythology baggage the show has saddled itself with of late). We really need to 'reset', a bit like we did in 2005 when it was all new, all fresh and unencumbered by obscure continuity.

  5. I can't help feeling that judging the current series on The Rings of Akhaten is akin to judging the whole classic era on Dragonfire.

  6. Spot-on, Paul Mount. Couldn't agree more. This rushed spectacle the BBC and/or Moffat is pushing on us as genuine drama is laughable, at best. Of this entire season, HIDE and COLD WAR are the only two that stick out as fresh, proper DOCTOR WHO. Everything else has been a mad scramble to save budget and pretend they're still honoring the show's history. It's ridiculous and smells of marketing schemes and focus groups.

    The finale was especially irritating. How can I go to YouTube and find better Photoshop mergings of Classic and Modern Who than what I saw last Saturday night? Random no-names dressed as The Doctor running past? Was that supposed to inspire me? At least seven of those guys are still alive. Why not use the actual actors? Cheap.

    And then they're going to skim over one of the most "sacred" of moments in DOCTOR WHO mythology (he theft of the TARDIS) by inserting the current Mary Sue? Can you imagine the insanity if RTD had done that with Rose? Also, why was One dressed as if he's already been to Earth? Why was Susan fully-grown? Makes no sense!

    I'm sure others enjoy the show. That's cool. Personally, I think this season has been the worst since, probably, 1987 or '88. Just awful in all regards. Matt Smith alone deserves better.

  7. I am hoping that after the 50th anniversary we can all just relax and enjoy Doctor Who as a TV show.

    Lately, every episode has to be so perfect. Each episode has to be the greatest episode ever. Moffat, Smith et al need to stop telling us how "epic" the next episode is. Fans need to stop acting like every time they don't like something that happens on Doctor Who that they have to rush to the internet and be avenged.

    Doctor Who has survived far worse episodes, actors, and showrunners than what we have seen recently. I wonder what Douglas Adams work on the series would have looked like if Moffat or RTD had been showrunners.

    So to paraphrase MST3K we need to relax and remind ourselves its just a TV show.

  8. As far as I'm concerned those guys are watching a completely different show than I have. I thought Season 7 was the strongest season since the show came back. Ironically the only episode I didn't care for is the only one given positive notice in that clip – Nightmare in Silver. And even then I'd hardly rank it down with Fear Her or anything. And I'm sorry, anyone who wants to ruin my fun by demanding a show I love be taken off the air simply because they don't like it anymore should just go away.

  9. @Paul Mount: Shut your mouth! Doctor Who should never be reset. It must always progress, it could quite be a story that never ends. The universe needs the Doctor and everything he stands for. If there were to ever be a hiatus again, so be it. But hopefully not for another decade or two. I could see the Doctor retiring for awhile for various reasons, but the Doctor should be forever. I do prefer for the show to be darker though. Where it had been progressing before with the 10th Doctor. Doctor Who should never abandon it's continuity either. That's part of what makes it so unique and great!

  10. We're back to the late 1980s. Moffat, Smith and all the regular contributors are doing an exceptional job…If they keep on moaning we'll be back to the '90s, taking what ever little drip of Who magic we can get.
    As for all the critism of the references to the past, it's the big 50. If they didn't reference the past, you'd all be moaning about that. Grow up!
    I love everything that Moffat has done, scaling things back after the 'Alien Invasion of the Day' RTD brought about. And Matt Smith is everything a Doctor should be. Unrealistic! What do you expect? Half the people complaining haven't even seen an old school Who story.

  11. Nee's comment made me giggle. Why on Earth would a science fiction drama be scientific? Hmmm…I wonder…!

  12. Is it so wrong if this program is made for 6 year olds? I was watching at 6 back in the 80's – it's still a family show now, so I don't see this as a legitimate gripe.

  13. I found Oliver Bolton's viewer video to be boring, unrealistic, and not very scientific at all. Ever since Simon Barnes took over as Executive Producer of Points of View, the viewer videos have gone completely downhill. I'm worried that it's now inevitable the BBC will axe Points of View – I think we all remember the 8-year hiatus when it was off the air completely!

  14. Science fiction is rarely scientific – especially on television. In fact, the few times the BBC has attempted realistic 'hard SF' (such as 'Star Cops' or 'Moonbase 3') the results have been poorly received by viewers and generally regarded as unsatisfactory. Let us not forget, too, that for most people the acme of science fiction is still Star Wars and Star Trek, neither of which contains as much as a scrap of real science (and in the case of Trek, even less drama).

  15. this series of doctor who has been loads better than series 6 imo.
    if people not like it then don't watch!

  16. "I’m just making up nonsensical adventures, what’s wrong with that?” – Steven Moffat

    Everything, Steven, everything! I don't count current Who as part of the same series I grew up with.

    It's a horrible mess, with endless flashbacks, voice overs and gimmicks, all included to try and make some sense of the tedious Doctor-centric 'stories'.

    Matt Smith doctor is an irritating mix of Mr.Bean and a stalker. Nasty. You can keep it, ta!

  17. I am so tired of Doctor Who now. The show has turned for the worst. The sonic screwdriver is a magic wand, the Sontarans are not threatening anymore and worst of all the Daleks are a rainbow of colors. The stories are obviously written for kids and only have classic villains in them to keep the old fans quiet. I was so looking forward to Moffat taking over the series but at the end of the first season I got lost with the story and lost interest. Keep Matt Smith as the Doctor, but get a new head writer for the series please!!!!


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