Yesterday’s edition of the BBC viewer feedback show Points of View featured a couple of Who mentions – watch it in the player above. Firstly, there is a mention of the “spin off” series Doctor Who Confidential and Torchwood Declassified (they declined to mention Totally Doctor Who and Sarah Jane’s Alien Files) and secondly there’s a statement from Ben Stephenson (BBC “Controller, Drama Commissioning”) regarding upcoming Doctor Who – making reference to the 2012 Christmas Special, the new series, the “landmark” 50th Anniversary Special (which, at the moment, looks like it’s going to be ninety minutes) and the Mark Gatiss “genesis of Dr. Who” drama, An Adventure In Time & Space (read more about that HERE).

The Snowmen promo pics
The Snowmen trailer
2012 Children In Need minisode
Shada R1 DVD artwork
Sherlock On The Buses

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Cameron K. McEwan
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  1. I still haven't seen any actual evidence that the 50th anniversary will be marked with a one-off or series of specials, rather than part or all of series 8. Why is everyone making that assumption?

  2. Correct, there's been no *official* statement as of yet.

    Series 7 Part 2 starts in the Spring 2012.

    From what I believe, there will be a one 90 minute special on Nov 23.

    Series 8 will start in 2014.

  3. So frustrating how they can't properly answer questions on that show.

    It's good news that they are still thinking about Confidential at least. #BringBackConfidential


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