Early listings for Freeview channels in the UK state the BBC “Red Button” feature will include some Doctor Who content from Nov 16. It is not known exactly what the nature of this content is, but it is most likely to be a special mini Doctor Who episode. The upcoming The Day of the Doctor DVD/bluray features a “mini episode” called The Night of the Doctor and additional material called The Last Day (check the details HERE), so it’s possible it could be one of those.
Doctor Who has had a long association with the Red Button. Attack of the Graske, written by Gareth Roberts, debuted on the channel on Christmas Day, 2005. Visit www.dayofthedoctor.com for all the info on the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special.


  1. Blogtor's such a naughty scamp with his hints! Anyways – can it possibly be true? Attack of the Graske Part Two? Fingers crossed folks.

  2. I'm going to be disappointed if they waste McGann's regeneration to insert John Hurt just because Moff's too lazy to rewrite Eccleston out of the script.

    Moffat can pretend he owns DOCTOR WHO all he likes, and I could care less what the 50th shows. In the end, it will always be McGann to Eccleston. Period. Anything else is fanfic from a bloated egomaniac who ran out of ideas two years ago.


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