Coming soon from Big Finish – The Sixth Doctor battles the most unpredictable Time Lord of them all!

Big Finish have released story and cast details for a one-off series, Doctor Who: The Sixth Doctor – The Eleven. The boxset sees the Doctor pushed to his very limits when facing off against one of his own kind. Colin Baker’s Sixth Doctor faces Mark Bonnar’s the Eleven in three brand-new full-cast Doctor Who audio adventures, due for release in September 2021.

First introduced as an adversary in the Eighth Doctor’s Doom Coalition series, the Eleven is a deranged, murderous Time Lord played by Mark Bonnar (The Rebel Flesh). Furthermore, he’s one who retains the personalities of his previous regenerations and uses them to create chaos across galaxies. Meanwhile, as previously announced, Miranda Raison (Evolution of the Daleks) returns as the Doctor’s companion, Mrs Constance Clarke. And Lucy Gaskell (Blink) makes her Big Finish debut as mutant alien and companion to the Eleven, Miskavel.

The cast for this box set is completed by Glen McCready (Missy, Callan), Simon Slater (The Bill, Sherlock Holmes), Anjella Mackintosh (The Ninth Doctor Adventures, Counter-Measures), Annabelle Dowler (The Diary of River Song, The Robots), and Big Finish newcomers Luke Barton and Eva Savage.

Colin Baker recording for Big Finish at home during the pandemic lockdown (c) Big Finish Doctor Who Sixth Doctor
Colin Baker recording for Big Finish at home during the pandemic lockdown (c) Big Finish

The Eleven “makes other villains look quite calm!”

The three stories are all set on the alien world of Molaruss, a planet for which the Eleven has big plans. Host to a species where every member has two distinct personalities, what will the civilization make of someone with eleven? And can the Doctor and Constance uncover what exactly the evil Time Lord wants with Molaruss and its people?

Of the Eleven, Colin Baker said “As a Time Lord, he’s a fascinating character – yes, he’s got one or two nice elevenths, but he’s also got a couple of really unpleasant ones. When the Doctor encounters him, he has to deal with a man who makes other villains look quite calm!

“Mark Bonnar is terrific, playing eleven characters, sometimes in one scene, all talking to each other and remembering which is which. Actors love that kind of thing. In this box set, everyone is having a great time and it’s been lovely listening to them – they’ve done it superbly!”

Miranda Raison added “This was really, really fun – it’s a gift for any actor. Mark was amazing, playing such an extraordinary character – I kept on thinking it was somebody else! He’d come in and say something, then come in as somebody else and I’d realise that it was still him.

“Constance and the Doctor are quite a good foil for each other. They’ve got quite a similar sensibility but, at the same time, she finds him chaotic. The going-backwards-and-forwards-in-time and the ‘let’s see how it goes!’ attitude is not how her mathematical mind works, and yet they do work well together!”


Being a husband and wife team meant Mark Bonnar and Lucy Gaskell were actually able to record together despite lockdown (c) Big Finish Doctor Who The Eleven
Being a husband and wife team meant Mark Bonnar and Lucy Gaskell were actually able to record together despite lockdown (c) Big Finish

Doctor Who: The Sixth Doctor Adventures – The Eleven

One for All by Lizzie Hopley

The people of Molaruss are in two minds – quite literally! A world of duo-minds inside single bodies offers a unique opportunity to the Eleven, and his new wife, the mutant alien Miskavel. Meanwhile the Doctor and Constance discover a derelict TARDIS, but are they walking into a trap?

The Murder of Oliver Akkron by Nigel Fairs

The Global President of Molaruss has been assassinated. The authorities believe they have the killer in custody – but which of his personalities did the deed? The truth will emerge in the recollections of a madman – but there is more than one side to every story…

Elevation by Chris Chapman

Molaruss has a new ruler: the wise and benevolent Eleven – alongside his loving consort Miskavel – his many minds guiding every aspect of successful government. But the Eleven has a plan to elevate his people to a new level of consciousness. And he cannot resist inviting the Doctor and Constance to witness his ultimate triumph…


Doctor Who – The Sixth Doctor Adventures: The Eleven is available to pre-order as a collector’s edition CD (at £19.99) or digital download (at £16.99), at


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