Mischief and mayhem rule the day as Missy and the Monk arrive from Big Finish


Get ready for mayhem! There’s triple the fun for the Master’s most madcap and mischievous incarnation in a brand new box set. Released today from Big Finish Productions, it features both Missy (Michelle Gomez) and her reluctant companion the Monk (Rufus Hound). These three full cast audio adventures take them from the battlefields of planetary war via greedy corporations to Renaissance Italy. And that’s where they run headlong into the Meddling Nun (Gemma Whelan)… The Doctor Who universe may never be the same after Missy: Missy and the Monk is over.

The cast are completed by Sheena Bhattessa (The Monthly Adventures, Thomas & Friends), Samuel Collings (Hex, Outlander), Anjella MacKintosh (The Ninth Doctor Adventures, Sherlock Holmes), Glen McCready (Callan, The War Master), Lynsey Murrell (Philip Hinchcliffe Presents…, The Monthly Adventures), Tania Rodrigues (Coronation Street, The Eighth Doctor Adventures), James Smillie (Lady Christina, Return to Eden), John Telfer (Bergerac, The Archers) and Ashley Zhangazha (Survivors, The Monthly Adventures).


Rufus Hound at the recording of Missy and the Monk (c) Big Finish Productions Doctor Who Two Monks One Mistress
Rufus Hound at the recording of Missy and the Monk (c) Big Finish Productions

“Brilliantly mismatched characters, played with impeccable comic skills”

Missy Producer David Richardson explained why the new set reunites Missy with the Monk. “It was kind of inevitable,” he says, “After being paired for an episode in the first box set of Missy and then for another in the second, we just couldn’t resist! The idea of giving Missy and the Monk a whole box set to spar with each other was simply perfection.

“They’re such brilliantly mismatched characters, played so sublimely by two actors with impeccable comic skills. I howled with laughter when reading the scripts, and then did so all over again as Michelle Gomez and Rufus Hound worked their magic on them.

“What could be better? Well, perhaps a nun! Enter Gemma Whelan as the Meddling Nun, returning after her standout turn in Dalek Universe 1, adding a delicious extra slice of mayhem to the proceedings. They just make me so happy!”


Missy: Missy and the Monk. Cover by Tom Webster. (c) Big Finish Productions Doctor Who Michelle Gomez Rufus Hound Gemma Whelan
Missy: Missy and the Monk. Cover by Tom Webster. (c) Big Finish Productions

Missy and the Monk

Missy… no longer alone, unleashed and unfettered! She’s stuck with a Meddling Monk, in a TARDIS that won’t fly without both pilots. 

It’s a partnership neither one wants – the Monk thinks Missy wants him dead. Whereas, Missy thinks the Monk is annoying. And wants him dead. 

The two Time Lords must learn to live together, or die trying…


Missy and the Monk is now available as a collector’s edition box set (on CD for just £24.99) or a digital download (for just £19.99), exclusively from the Big Finish website.


Please note that Big Finish is currently operating a digital-first release schedule. Factors beyond Big Finish’s control may delay the mail-out of collector’s edition CDs and limited edition vinyl LPs. But all purchases of this release unlock a digital copy that listeners can immediately download or play on the Big Finish app from the release date.



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