Heh, heh, heh. Oh, my dear readers, you have been naive – Doctor Who Magazine 560 belongs to the Master!


On the second of January 1971 an innocent looking horsebox appeared from nowhere with a familiar wheezing, groaning sound. And the man that emerged introduced himself as universally known as… the Master! With issue 560 Doctor Who Magazine looks back at five decades of the most evil Time Lord of them all.

  • The World Cup of the Master – the results of DWM’s Twitter tournament to decide the renegade Time Lord’s greatest stories, with fans profiling each story to champion what makes each one so special
  • Sacha Dhawan – the Master himself is on hand to answer fiendishly random questions from the TARDIS Tin
  • Frontier in Space – Never intended as Roger Delgado’s final appearance, last minute editing left his exit from the show a scene of confusion for viewers. DWM delves deep to uncover the solution
  • The Fact of FictionJonathan Pryce only played the Master once – for The Curse of Fatal Death. Fact of Fiction turns its insightful gaze on that 1999 Comic Relief Special
  • The Dæmons – Patrick Mulkern accompanies Katy Manning and John Levene on a return visit to Aldbourne, nearly 50 years after filming there for perhaps the best Master story of all
  • The Collection: Season 8 – An exclusive preview of the Blu-ray box set that features Roger Delgado’s Master in every story


One of the new 'defence drones' leads riot police into action - (C) BBC - Photographer: James Pardon Doctor Who Revolution of the Daleks Dalek
One of the Robertson’s new ‘defence drones’ in action in Revolution of the Daleks – (C) BBC – Photographer: James Pardon

Other highlights of the new issue include:

  • Revolution of the Daleks – DWM’s review of the New Year’s Day Special
  • The White Dragonthe second part of the new comic-strip adventure for the Thirteenth Doctor.
  • It’s a Sin – On set with Russell T Davies and Phil Collinson as they recreate some classic 1980s Doctor Who for the new Channel 4 drama
  • Olly Alexander – The star of It’s a Sin tells DWM about working with the Daleks
  • Resurrection of the Daleks – Interviews with three of the actors who appeared in the 1984 story: John Adam-Baker, Sneh Gupta and Nigel Tisdall.
  • The DWM Christmas Quiz – All the answers you’ve been pulling your hair out waiting for
  • Previews and reviews, news, prize-winning competitions, Time and Space Visualiser, The Blogs of Doom and more…


Doctor Who Magazine 560 cover (c) Panini The Master Season 8
Doctor Who Magazine 560 cover (c) Panini

Doctor Who Magazine 560 can be ordered from the Panini store. You can also buy the digital edition from Pocketmags or take out a subscription via the official site. You can also find it in WH Smith and all good newsagents.


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