Doctor Who Magazine 596 reveals The Star Beast! Meets the cast, the original comic creators, and the Meep herself!


Classic Doctor Who Magazine comic strip The Star Beast is being adapted to launch David Tennant back onto our screens next month as the Doctor. This issue DWM talks to those behind the new television episode… as well as the paper and ink original!


This month’s Star Beast highlights include:

  • Meet the Meep – Miriam Margolyes, who voices the Meep in the first 2023 Special The Star Beast, talks exclusively to DWM about her lunch with David Tennant, her affection for Tom Baker, and why she’s also the Fourth Doctor’s companion who never was.
  • Noble intentions – Karl Collins and Jacqueline King. Donna’s husband Shaun and her mother Sylvia on their imminent return to Doctor Who after 13 years.
  • Letter from the Showrunner – Russell T Davies on important dates for your diary!
  • The Beast Unleashed – go behind the scenes on the brand-new making-of show Doctor Who Unleashed.
  • Star Makers ­­­– comic book legends Pat Mills and Dave Gibbons – as well as two of their biggest fans, Russell T Davies and David Tennant – tell us why it’s The Star Beast’s time to shine.
  • Drawn Upon a Spin Off… – episodes of Doctor Who have inspired everything from comics and novels to audio dramas and video games. But what about those times when the inspiration has gone the other way?


Meanwhile, coverage of the new era also continues!

  • Liberation of the Daleks Part Thirteen – the adventures of the Fourteenth Doctor continue in the epic comic-strip adventure written by Alan Barnes and illustrated by Lee Sullivan.
  • Production Diary – script editor Scott Handcock files his latest report, direct from Doctor Who’s HQ.
  • Effective Management – Matt Nathan, VFX editor on the forthcoming special episodes and the next series of Doctor Who, reveals how he manages the magic we see on screen.
  • Gallifrey Guardian – all the latest official news.


Other highlights this issue feature stories from across six decades of Who history

  • Memory Worm – The Worm deletes your past – and it’s loose! DWM continues to test Doctor Who contributors for signs of contact with the creature. This issue: Jamie actor Frazer Hines.
  • “Nothing in the World Can Stop Me Now!” with an animated reconstruction of 1967’s The Underwater Menace on the way, DWM reassesses at Joseph Furst’s baroque performance as Professor Zaroff.
  • The Fact of Fiction unlocks the secrets of the Tenth Doctor and Donna’s first reunion episode, 2008’s Partners in Crime.
  • 60 Objects, 60 Years – the latest instalment of the series that tells the story of one object from every year of Doctor Who’s history.
  • Other Worlds – the essential guide to new stories in Doctor Who’s expanded universe.
  • Plus – reviews, reviews, prize-winning competitions, Time and Space Visualiser and more.


Doctor Who Magazine 596 introduces an old friend all over again! (c) Panini The Star Beast Beep the Meep Miriam Margoyles David Tennant
Doctor Who Magazine 596 introduces an old friend all over again! (c) Panini

Doctor Who Magazine 596

DWM Issue 596 is on sale Thursday the 12th of October from the online Panini store, WH Smith and other retailers priced £7.99 (UK). Also available as a digital edition from Pocketmags priced £6.99. You can also save with a subscription, as well as receiving exclusive, text-free covers.



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