DWM 563

Doctor Who Magazine 563 Cover (c) Panini

Doctor Who Magazine 563 Cover, The Ninth Doctor sits on a large block in a white void. He has his legs crossed, and one arm resting across the upper leg, holding a spherical object (a control from the TARDIS), his other hand resting on his thigh. He’s wearing his usual combination of leather peacoat jacket, dark work trousers, Timberland boots, and purple merino wool v-neck sweater. His hair is cut very short and he looks very pleased with himself. Main text reads: “I’ve always believed that the people who watch the show know who I am.” Other insert images show the Ninth Doctor smiling madly, his arms outstretched (caption: “Revolution 9 Steven Moffat on writing for the Ninth Doctor”. A black and white photo of a soldier firing a bazooka (caption: “Making War – Meet the real-life soldiers of UNIT). the Ninth Doctor against the background of a huge explosion (Caption: “Inside the Ninth Doctor’s new adventures), and Roger Delgado as the Master (Caption: Restoring 70s episodes) (c) Panini