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D559_Polybag Front.indd

The cover to Doctor Who Magazine 559 (c) Panini Thirteenth Doctor Jodie Whittaker Revolution of the Daleks Captain Jack Harkness Jo Grant Autons Feast of Steven John Barrowman

The cover to Doctor Who Magazine 559. The Thirteenth Doctor, looking hopeful, in a dark red jumpsuit with a wide black stripe down one shoulder and along the body, containing numbers in a stylized ‘alien’ text (09 27 11 11 13 22) while a black horizontal stripe on the opposite breast features nine red vertical rectangles. Her hair is slicked back in a wet, gelled style. Main text reads “You Say You Want a Revolution.” Boxout images show the Revolution movie style poster, Captain Jack leaning out of the TARDIS doors, and Jo Jones with an Auton flower seller (c) Panini