Doctor Who Magazine looks at some of the show’s most mind bending continuity conundrums this month, including a look at the implications of The Timeless Children reveal

This year’s revelations about the identity of the Timeless Child changed everything we know about Doctor Who. Again. The new Doctor Who Magazine examines the show’s long history of rewriting its own continuity, as well as that of its central character. But can it all be made to fit? Or do fans have to instead accept the ever evolving contradictions as part of the show’s intrinsic formula?

The Last Centurion (Arthur Darvill) - Doctor Who (c) BBC
The Last Centurion faces the famous DWM Tardis Tin in DWM 554 – Doctor Who (c) BBC

Included in this issue of Doctor Who Magazine...

  • Arthur Darvill – The former Mr. Pond is the latest to brave the questions from the Out of the TARDIS tin!
  • Timeless Mysteries – Just who is the Doctor? And can all the contradictory statements from almost sixty years of tangled continuity ever be reconciled?
  • The KrotonsThe Fact of Fiction looks at the story written by one of Doctor Who’s greatest scriptwriters, Robert Holmes!
  • The Lockdown Season – If 2020 will be remembered as the year of the lockdown, Doctor Who writers, stars and fans made sure it will be remembered for at least one positive – with a whole set of minisodes and original fiction created during under quarantine conditions.
  • Shada – In 2003, the official BBC site marked Doctor Who’s 40th anniversary with a brand new webcast drama. It’s ambitious aim was to finally bring to life the lost 1979 story Shada in animated form, by reuniting Romana, K9 and… the Eighth Doctor? Apocrypha investigates.
  • Claire Pritchard – The Series 12 Hair and make-up designer discusses her work on Series 12
  • Cutaway Comics – The writers and artists behind the new comics imprint explain how it’s expanding the worlds of Doctor Who
  • Action Figures – A look at Character Options’ latest range of action figures
  • Plus – Big Finish previews and reviews, news, prize-winning competitions, Time and Space Visualiser, The Blogs of Doom and much more!


The cover to Doctor Who Magazine #554 (c) Panini The Timeless Children Time Lord Cyberman Time Lords Cybermen Cybermaster Cybermasters DWM
The cover to Doctor Who Magazine #554 (c) Panini

Doctor Who Magazine #554 is on sale from Thursday the 23rd of July, priced at £5.99, and is available to purchase via the Panini website, or through taking out a subscription.


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