Exclusive interviews with the two Masters and a heaping helping of series ten finale tidbits.

With series ten set to conclude on Saturday 1st July (and you can read our spoiler-free preview), DWM is chatting to John Simm and Michelle Gomez about their dual-role. Gomez ponders Missy’s morality and Simm explains how the goatee came about. Clearly Harold Saxon has his priorities straight.

Also in the issue is…..

  • The Doctor Falls – Steven Moffat and director Rachel Talalay tease the readers with an exclusive preview of the series ten finale.
  • Mark Gatiss – Actor, writer and fanboy-dream-liver talks to DWM about history with Doctor Who.
  • Christmas Comes Early – More from Moffat, this time on how he put together his final outing in the 2017 Christmas Special.
  • The Soul Garden – Continues with part three of the comic strip.
  • The Fact of Fiction – Looks at ‘The Keeper of Traken’…at last!
  • Reviews – DWM reviews The Lie of the LandEmpress of Mars and The Eaters of Light as well as the latest book, audio and DVD releases in the world of Doctor Who.
  • Previews – of all the latest Doctor Who CD and book releases.
  • PLUS! All the latest official news, the Watcher’s column, competitions, the DWM crossword, and more!

Doctor Who Magazine #514 is on sale from Thursday 29th July, price £5.99.

Doctor Who Magazine #514
Doctor Who Magazine #514


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