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Doctor Who Magazine 477

Pictured: magazine cover and cover of outer bag.

The latest details and artwork for the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine (out tomorrow!) have been released. Check it below and click on the images for bigger versions.
In a bumper-sized 100-page issue, DWM catches up on set with the PETER CAPALDI –  the new Doctor Who. Doctor Who Magazine asked Peter how he has gone about making the part of the Doctor his own:

“Well, you begin with yourself. You begin with those
elements of yourself that you feel would be at home in the role. There’s
an old actors’ adage that you don’t become the role, the role becomes
you. It’s trying to find those parts of you that
will fit with the Doctor, and understand those bits that don’t come so
naturally to you, that you have to fabricate. I kept looking for people
in my life who I thought had elements of the Doctor about them, and were
inspirational in some ways. I composed a
list of those…”

“Also, it’s recognising what’s been written. My
Doctor is written slightly differently from some of the other Doctors,
and the Doctor changes quite dramatically from episode to episode. Some
demand more of your comedy chops, graver or more
serious episodes demand a more sombre creature. All these variations
have to live in the same body, in the same face. Putting all that
together is tricky…”

·     Read extensive previews of the first four episodes of the new series –
Deep Breath
, Into the Dalek, Robot of Sherwood and Listen – as
DWM talks exclusively to writers STEVEN MOFFAT, PHIL FORD and MARK GATISS.
·     Doctor Who showrunner STEVEN MOFFAT answers readers’ questions and reveals more behind-the-scenes secrets in his exclusive column.
·     DWM reunites former Doctor and companion team TOM
chat about the new
Doctor Who adventures that they’re working on, and reminisce about the 1970s adventures.
·     LOUISE JAMESON writes a very special letter to herself, exclusively for
Doctor Who Magazine.
·     The Fact of Fiction takes a detailed look at the 1964 First Doctor adventure,
The Reign of Terror.
·     Legendary writer TERRANCE DICKS talks about his later work on Doctor Who – and what he thinks of the series today.
·     Official news, the DWM crossword, prize-winning competitions and much more!
·     PLUS! A giant, double-sided poster, featuring Peter Capaldi as the Doctor! (Pictured above.)

Doctor Who Magazine 477 is on sale from Thurs Aug 21, priced £5.99

Thanks to Doctor Who Magazine

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