The cover for Doctor Who Magazine issue 425 has been released through their Facebook page. It hits the streets on Aug 19.


  1. After a crappy start (I'm looking at you, Time and the Rani), the Seventh Doctor had some really good stories, mainly due to Andrew Cartmel it seems. Episodes like Bannermen, Rememberance and Fenric are, well, Ace!

  2. He is one of my favorites too!

    I´m from Germany and he was the only one we Germans could see.

    I saw him in the 80´s as a teenager. And allways was a great Doctor Who Fan.

    *G* But nobody knows him and knows of whom i talked *G*

    I would realy like to read this interview with him!!
    But unfortunately i can not buy this magazin. 🙁

    Maybe somebody can help me?!


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