DWM 2021 Yearbook cover

The Doctor Who Magazine 2021 Yearbook (c) Panini Captain Jack Harkness DWM Thirteenth Doctor John Barrowman Jodie Whittaker Radiophonic Workshop Yaz Ryan Mandip Gill Tosin Cole

The Doctor Who Magazine 2021 Yearbook. The central image shows the Thirteenth Doctor, in her usual full costume of hooded blue-grey coat, pinkish rainbow striped t-shirt, with her arms folded, and the sonic screwdriver held in one hand. At her shoulder, is a smouldering Captain Jack in his usual navy shirt/off white braces and RAF greatcoat. Boxouts show Gill and Cole as Yaz and Ryan, Daleks, and Anjli Mohindra as the Skirith Queen. (c) Panini