Month Two of Lockdown begins with Doctor Who fandom continuing to light the way

Fans have continued to show their imagination and positivity as we head into a second month of isolation measures. And the BBC and the Doctor Who team have continued to raise the bar too. It’s possibly the most epic week in Lockdown yet! So huge it’s taken almost a week for Blogtor just to write it all up! Phew.


Fans around the world have been coming together to reenact their favourite moments for 'Homemade Who' Doctor Who Cosplay
Fans around the world have been coming together to reenact their favourite moments for ‘Homemade Who’

Homemade Who

As previously reported fans are doing it for themselves. The Homemade Who project spent the week collecting footage filmed by fans in their own homes. All were recreating some of the their favourite Doctor Who moments for this very special project.


The Big Night In

Wednesday saw Children in Need and Comic Relief join forces for a major event to support those most effected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Filmed and produced in isolation, it was a unique event. And with many Doctor Who alumi also regular collaborators with both charities it was inevitable they’d have a strong presence.

Top lining this contribution was an emotional thank you to the NHS from ten of the actors to have played the Doctor. Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, David Tennant, Matt Smith, Peter Capaldi, Jodie Whittaker and Jo Martin joined forces from their own homes to salute the UK’s medics, from one set of Doctors to another.

David Tennant also teamed up with his former companion Catherine Tate for a special Lauren Cooper sketch. Lauren, one of the most iconic characters from The Catherine Tate Show, is an infamously brattish teenager who causes endless problems for her teachers and peers. With schools around the world in lockdown, Tennant reprises his role as Lauren’s English teacher discovering that teaching her across Zoom makes her more challenging than ever.


Meanwhile, Tom Baker also returned to his sketch show past and his role as the Narrator for Big Night in Little Britain. Former Nardole actor Matt Lucas and comedy partner David Walliams (who played Gibbis in The God Complex) revisited many of their best loved characters. One of the segments that best used the isolation format to its advantage, it replaced the elaborate prosthetics of the TV show with homemade equivalents to hilarious effect.


Doctor Who Series 11 - Episode 1- Graham (BRADLEY WALSH) (C) BBC / BBC Studios - Photographer:Ben Blackall
Graham goes on a quest to see a pivotal West Ham match in Joy Wilkinson’s The Little Things (C) BBC / BBC Studios – Photographer:Ben Blackall

The Simple Things

The latest in the Lockdown strand of original short stories from the official Doctor Who site continued too, with new fiction from The Witchfinders writer Joy Wilkinson. Featuring the return of Third Doctor era aliens the Draconians, and a quest to visit a classic West Ham football, it’s a charming slice of the lighter side of Doctor Who

The Simple Things by Joy Wilkinson


The Doctor (David Tennant) and the Scarecrows - Human Nature - Doctor Who (c) BBC
The Doctor (David Tennant) and the Scarecrows – Human Nature – Doctor Who (c) BBC


The latest of the Doctor Who Lockdown live tweet sessions happened on Thursday, with Paul Cornell, director Charles Palmer and Lor Wilson (Daughter of Mine) sharing their memories and insights of making Human Nature and Family of Blood.

Cornell also created a new prologue for Human Nature, Shadow of a Doubt. It’s read by Lisa Bowerman in character as Bernice Summerfield, with art by superb fan favourite artist Rachael Stott (formerly of the Twelfth Doctor comic, and most recently Supergirl).

As if that wasn’t enough, Cornell also penned The Shadow in the Mirror. Performed by Lor Wilson, returning to the role of Daughter of Mine, and featuring art by Christopher Jones (The Seventh Doctor comic among others) it’s a story of the Thirteenth Doctor seeking out those she once imprisoned forever.

CONtact Has Been Made

On Saturday the Doctor Who Appreciation Society, the longest running Doctor Who fan group in the world, held CONtact Has Been Made. Streaming it free on their YouTube channel, DWAS hosted a selection of panels from previous years of their Capitol conventions. Shown in their entirety, panels included:

  • Katy Manning (Jo Grant) and Stewart Bevan (Cliff Jones)
  • Louise Jameson (Leela)
  • Terrence Dicks (writer 1969-1983) and Jon Culshaw (Dead Ringers)
  • Daphne Ashbrook and Yee Jee Tso (Doctor Who: The TV Movie)
  • Shane Rimmer (The Gunfighters), John Moreno (The Ambassadors of Death) and Sean Knopp (The Bells of St. John)
  • Steven Berkoff (The Power of Three)

All the panels are still available on the DWAS Online YouTube channel

Time Space Visualizer

But that wasn’t the only virtual con held last weekend. Fantom Events held the latest of their Time Space Visualizer online events via their YourTube channel too. Featuring brand new interviews, conducted in lockdown, with Doctor Who stars, the event was headlined by the Seventh Doctor himself, Sylvester McCoy. Other guests include Katy Manning (Jo Grant), John Leeson (K9), Dan Starkey (Strax), Jessica Martin (The Greatest Show in the Galaxy), Jason Watkins (Nightmare in Silver) and Graham Cole (The Keeper of Traken).

Part One of their interview with Katy Manning can still be seen on their YouTube channel.



That evening fans gathered for watchalong of the 20th Anniversary story The Five Doctors. Under the hashtag #GameofRassilon, classic series fans mounted their own event. This time the emphasis was on fun, jokes, and just plain old enjoyment of the most birthday cake like anniversary specials ever.


The Quiz of Rassilon was held in virtual form for the first time this week (c) Quiz of Rassilon
The Quiz of Rassilon was held in virtual form for the first time this week (c) Quiz of Rassilon

The Quiz of Rassilon

The week was rounded out by another online edition of long running Doctor Who pub quiz The Quiz of Rassilon. Once more about 200 fans formed into around 50 teams to step into the breach of trivia and mayhem that is the Quiz of Rassilon. Rounds included the redoubtable Toby Hadoke’s mind shredding actor trivia, the jaw dropping keyboard skill of Jess Jurkovic, and Gav Rhymill and Chris Walker-Thomson combining forces to resurrect Patrick Troughton to help host the Seed of Death round.

But the Second Doctor wasn’t the only surprise guest on the night. Russell T Davies himself popped up in a pre-recorded segment to present the teams with a fiendish question about Journey’s End! The next Quiz of Rassilon is on the 10th of May, so there’s still time to register a team and join the fun! (Players without teams can be organized into them)


The 'Metaltron' from 2005 episode Dalek (c) BBC Studios Doctor Who Series 1
The ‘Metaltron’ from 2005 episode Dalek (c) BBC Studios

Next Week

We’re already deep into Week Six, with live tweets of Dalek, original fiction from Robert Holmes, and more from the Time-Space Visulizer. Plus the launch of the BBC’s official Staying in the TARDIS strand. Find all the links and news in one place here at Blogtor Who just a few days from now.






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